fimmtudagur, 20. september 2012

few more days

Walks around the city and getting to know Austrian food. Now I´ve seen the Stephansdom, Hofburg palace, Michaelerkirche and the Catacombs under that. Its just amazing what historical things you can find in Vienna. And so many stories and myths. St. Stephens Cathedral or Stephansdom is the cathedral situated in the middle of Vienna and there are so many stories about it I can even start to count. All around it are small streets with history just flowing from them, small boutiques and restaurants hidden in the corners and new adventures to be found. From there you can walk to Hofburg palace wich is the Imperial palace and is so grand. It is put together over a long period of time by many houses and then one big room to connect it all. Across from this you have the Michaelerkirche which stands on widely known Catacombs, almost completely untouched and so incredible. This is just the atart of my journey throufh Vienna, there is so much more to see. The other day I went to the zoo with Nike my roommate, we walked to it because ts so close to where we live. There where so many animals and I hade so much fun. I really hope you all go and see this gorgeous zoo Schönbrunn Tiergarten. I´ve also gone to the school and gotten all the info I need to start my studies on monday! Exciting and scary at the same time ☺ The practical studies or work experience will start and I now know that I will never be alone because here in austria students are not allowed to go alone in their practical studies. Which is great because then I get to relax a little bit and can focus on my german, my communicationskills and the over all nursing part of this thing. I already have enough on my plate, not having to think about getting to the places and remembering everything I´m supposed to do at a persons home. Vienna has already had its first rain since I came and it was a very welcomed rain! I´ve been so hot since I came, that I´ve had to change outfits once a day. Please follow my instagrampictures on facebook, they say more than my blogs ;)

fimmtudagur, 6. september 2012

First few days

So my first few days in Vienna. First I have to explane why I will write in english! The thing is I know to many people that would kick me if I would only write it in Icelandic and I know to many people that wouldn try to read it if the blog was in Norwegian. So to comprimize I will write in english. I arrived on the 3rd of september and Anna my buddy from school came to pick me up and bring me home. This was a nice little trip from the airport and I decded to buy a month ticketfor the subway/bus/tram system. I came home and there was Nike a fantastic girl who will now for the next few days be my roommate. I have a room and Sonja the girl who lives there usually left it in tip top condition, I didn’t have to bring any thing. The beds great and I have slept like a baby every night since I got here. The apartment is in a great part of town, its very close to Schönbrun castle and zoo and it only takes me about 20 min to get to centrum of vienna. I love it. I´ve gotten to know a great group of students from school we are a few pieces of funny screws from around the world that have decided to study here in vienna. All from different backgrounds with different interests. The people running the international office at school have be believing that this time here will be absolutely wonderfull. Everyone is so nice and helpfull. I´ve signed up for a austrian culture class and I will sign up for a german course as soon as I figure out how. The german though is in my head because for some reason I understand what the people are saying. Elisabet Simsen did her job aparently ( my german teacher)
The first few days we have been getting to know each other and looking at the school and doing some burocratic work. The first thing was easy, the group is amazing and everyone is trying their best to understand each other. The second thing made me wanna live at the school. Its just a amazing. Ok maybe not live there but I really really really want to join in on a lecture or two, and it would be sooo cool to get to use their training rooms for nursing. So basically the school is a hospital, they have rooms for basic patient care, they have rooms for physiotherapy, they have an x-ray machine, ultrasound, ekkograf, mammograf, stent insertion thingy. The computersystem is connected so if there is an xray taken the pysio , nursing and xrayspecialists can work together and look at it and so on. Its basically a hospital. And I was impressed when I moved to norway with our one floor of training rooms. This is 4 floors and there is more stuff there than I´ve EVER seen except for in a hospital. So COOL
The third, the burocratic stuff was fine and now I´m registered into the country. Now the next days I will get to know Vienna even better because I have nothing to do untill I meet with my department coordinator on thursday. Then I will hopefully find out where I will be doing my practical studies. Well this will be my first blog post, stay tuned I might just write another one.